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Characterization of the Sediment Dynamics in the South – Eastern Shelf Zone of Bangladesh.

Abstract: The stable and deeper southeastern shelf zone has a wide continental shelf including with the alongside tertiary hill,  piedmont plain,  intertidal plain, supratidal plain, fluviotidal plain,  barrier island and  channel which are always feeding the sea bed of our shelf with large sediment deposition. The bringing forth and creation of new island in our shelf zone is not a new and sudden event. The primary objective of my study is to findout the sediment distribution onto the sea bed our southeastern shelf zone. Besides, I have tried to show the vertical and horizontal sedimentation based on the different sands and sizes. I have also tried to present space and depth relationship with the sediment dynamics onto the sea bed. Some water quality parameters were studied and have been showed with graph. The study was undertaken on the 27 poins os sample collection of five major places i.e. Sonadia, cox’s Bazr, Inani, Teknaf( shah-parir deep) and St’ Martyn. The sediment samples including water from deeper sites were collected by sediment grabber and water sampler and they were examined by the Hydrometer and Sieve techniques and filtration method for the Suspended solid determination. Vertically, the suspended solid were more at the bottom accept some i.e. Cox’s Bazar were more at surface. By the study, it is clear that with onward movement towards sea the particles become more sorted and smaller resulting in more silt and clay whereas the near shore and land based samples show more sands in amount. For the classification of near shore sediment, it was clear that this near shore sediment is mostly of fine sand meaning sandy and few sandy silt. The innermost points show coarse silt at more rates than other silt meaning these innermost points are mostly of sandy silt. Temperature was high on the surface and lower at the bottom and similarly DO was higher at the bottom than surface accept some points whose were of higher at surface. The sedimentation rate are being

accelerated due to different natural phenomena and human intervention accommodated in this region specially on the southernmost and southeastern zone where most of the people are poor and their social and economical and educational status are of under-privileged.

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