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Simulation of Storm Surge Using IIT Delhi Model for Cyclone Aila (2009), Cyclone Sidr (2007) and Bhola Cyclone (1970) and its Effectiveness Assessment

Abstract: The location of Bangladesh is at the northern tip of the Bay of Bengal with a complex geometry of the long continental shelf, shallow bathymetry, several islands and overall funnel shaped coast makes it a place of highest storm surge for the longest duration. Tropical cyclone is one of the major causes this frequent attack of the storm surge in Bay of Bengal which causes a huge damage of life and property in the coastal region. So it is very essential to predict a storm surge during a cyclonic event to protect ourselves. Therefore, in this study a suitable model of storm surge “IIT Delhi Model” is been used to simulate previous storm surge due to three super cyclones as Cyclone Aila (2009), Cyclone Sidr (2007) and Bhola Cyclone (1970) and assessed its effectiveness through comparing the model generated maximum surge height data and observed data. This has been shown that there is a little fluctuation of this two data which can be easily described through its other related factor such as wind stress, current, coastline structure. So it can be said that this storm surge model is a good effective model to predict any future cyclonic storm surge by inputting some information from general forecast system into it to save our disaster prone coastal area.

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