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Symposium on Oceanography

Symposium on Oceanography

24 February 2014

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Technical session

Presentation-1 (Prof. Avijit Gangopadhyay) “Synoptic Ocean Prediction and Its importance for the Bay of Bengal”
Presentation-2 (Prof. Michio J. Kishi) “NEMURO and NEMURO. FISH – Ecosystem Model of Northern Pacific”
Presentation-3 (Prof. Shingo Kimura) “Spawning migration of the Japanese eel and tuna related to climate change”
Presentation-4 (Prof. Subhasish Tripathi) “An Overview of the Academic Programs and a Proposed Coastal Ocean Observatory at IIT Bhubaneswar”
Presentation-5 (Dr. Anwar, DoF) “Plan for the Oceanographic data collection and research on the BoB”

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